Transformative Tourist Experiences (write the Student name and ID)
2.1 Overview of transformative experience concept
Write a description of the transformative experience concept. Describe how this approach
can improve what tourists experience and improve destination competitiveness.
2.2 Tourism transformative experience case study
Describe one case study of an existing transformative tourist experience product in your
destination. Describe the product/service aspects. Explain how/why this product/service is
transformative to specific target market(s).
2.3 The [Insert the name of the destination] DMO’s role in fostering transformative tourist
Suggest and describe two ways your DMO can assist to foster more transformative
experience in your destination. For example, your DMO can support strategic planning,
stakeholder collaboration, develop guidelines for transformative tourism, conduct research
on market needs etc. Support your idea with further explanation and references.


There is less literature and research about transformative experience in the tourism and hospitality industry. It is a new paradigm in the tourism and hospitality sector as researchers and industry players seek to understand how tourism and hospitality goods and services can be used to improve or transform people’s lives. According to Reisinger (2013) there are different types of tourism which have the potential to help transform people and develop a better world. Reisinger (2013) listed them as educational, volunteer, community based, backpacking, pilgrimage, spiritual among others. Fu, Tanyatanaboon and Lehto (2015) argue that these types of tourism allow people to develop new skills and knowledge, come up with new expectations, rediscover and thereby transform their lives and focus. Nowaczek (2013) states that the focus of tourism products and services should be focused to providing experiences that help the tourists to develop such values like tolerance, honesty, tranquility, morality among others (Pritchard, Morgan and Ateljevic, 2011). Provision of transformative experiences allows people to change their beliefs, social structures and develop worldview symbols and cultures that help personal inner growth among the tourists. Transformative experience concept aims at development of unique tourism features that provide new experiences that help in transforming a tourist’s life and how they view and perceive certain life and social aspects. Transformative experience concept should not be only concerned with the experiences happening during the trip but also the impact it will have on the individual after the trip.