Transformative Tourist Experiences | Macau tourism


> the assignment will submit before 12th early morning , so we have to deliver within 24 hours.
> tutor seems troublesome and strict.
> the tutor feedback as following:
> 1.for the 4.1:
> tutor said the tables are too much/ long
> we only need to keep 3 startagies and 3 core components.
> besides,to use the 3 startagies and 3 core components which we selected to analysis/support “How the plan assists growth of transformative experience”.
> 2. for the 4.2:
> for concerning the target market for management staregy, we need to use 1-2 data analysis to support our selection of “potential target market”, to illustrate why they can be the “potential target market”.
> 3.for 4.3:
> tutor ask us to use the table to analysis before we start to begin to analysis our staregies.
> the 1st is the original table for us, the 2nd the example from client’s frined, we just need to learn .


The Macao Tourism Master Plan is one of the main strategic plans guiding the development of Macao tourism sector. As a guideline it assists in development of top notch ecotourism experience in the country. In efforts to acknowledge the need for diversification it encourages development of new products that will allow visitors to actively interact with the nature e.g. development yachting tourism and marine tourism. The plan helps in improvement of the quality of Macao tourism by assisting in training of the employees to ensure visitors receive the best experience and aligning the services and products offered with the international standards.

Experience Macao Campaign promotes Macao as the destination of choice in Asia and beyond. It helps in attraction of international tourism players in the country thereby offering international tourism products and services that come with enhanced experience. Another core aspect of the campaign is promotion of collaboration with local residents and actors in the tourism industry. As a result it encourages the creation of an enabling environment for the visitors which is important for a transformative experience and assist in development of the ‘feel at home’ experience for tourists.