Transformative Tourist Experiences | Destination Management



Building upon your group’s situation analysis, you are required to write a management strategy for your destination, working with your other group members. The management strategy includes three main parts:

A.Transformative Experiences – 1500 words

  1. Transformative Tourist Experiences (write the Student name and ID)

2.1Overview of transformative experience concept

Write a description of the transformative experience concept. Describe how this approach can improve what tourists experience and improve destination competitiveness.

2.2Tourism transformative experience case study

Describe one case study of an existing transformative tourist experience product in your destination. Describe the product/service aspects. Explain how/why this product/service is transformative to specific target market(s).

2.3The [Insert the name of the destination] DMO’s role in fostering transformative tourist experiences

Suggest and describe two ways your DMO can assist to foster more transformative experience in your destination. For example, your DMO can support strategic planning, stakeholder collaboration, develop guidelines for transformative tourism, conduct research on market needs etc. Support your idea with further explanation and references.


This report will demonstrate that Hong Kong tourism situation analysis about the socio-economic and stakeholders, target markets and tourism issues. There is a map of Hong Kong showing its geographic boundaries.