Toyota and Ferrari please read two other essay


For this essay, you may use the same topic and take the information you gathered and wrote about in the previous two essay. If you want to argue a new topic, you may do that also, but it may be easier to just use the same topic and build on it. You already have a small word and article bank to draw on. You will need to use between 5-7 articles for this. If you are using the same topic, you should already have three of them.


As the car becomes an important part of social and economic life, it is the most common means of automobility compared to others like trains, airplanes, bicycles, and many others.  Because of its being an integral part of life, the car has been designed and redesigned, bringing an unprecedented level of developments in the auto technology. Today, there are different kinds of cars designed for different purposes, styles, and tastes. These include trucks, sports cars, and family cars among others.  These differences can be exemplified in Toyota and Ferrari, two cars that are designed for different styles and tastes.  Although both cars are endowed with similar and distinctive features, Toyota has more advantages as a common-man car because of its affordability.