Toxicology Hazard Profiling and its health risk assessment on the chemical Acrylamide


The research paper focuses on ACRYLAMIDE, the chemical’s intrinsic properties, primary use, mechanism of toxic action, etc. The detailed guideline will be emailed to you, it listed what kind of information needs to be included in the research paper. As for the format of the paper, please sure subtitles for the different sections. Also, for some of the chemical values, such as vapor pressure, molecular weight, they can be shown in table format with a few sentences on the importance of those properties. No need to cite within the paragraph, only put the reference at the end of the paper. The Highlights of the paper should be: 1. What is the health significance of the chemical substance– Why should we care? 2. Toxicology health effects– What are the main hazards? Most interesting toxicology properties? 3. What is the margin of safety? 4. What is the health risk- low, moderate of high– Why? 5. Conclusion that ties up everything. Reference: I will email a list of internet sites that the professor recommended, please use at least 2 from the list.


Though little known, acrylamide is one of the toxics that can have far reaching health impact ton the general public. This is a toxic compound that is produced in the process of food processing. This means that it can easily cause toxicity if people do not understand it well. Generally, there is low public understanding of this dangerous toxin and this increases danger of the public becoming acrylamide victims if appropriate measures are not taken. This project will reveal more about acrylamide including its chemical properties and toxicity. This will increase public awareness about the compound and take precaution measures.