Tourism Precinct


1005HSL Individual Essay Assessment 4 (35%) Due – Week 12

You are required to research and write a maximum 1200 word essay on a selected essay topic that is due week 12 at the beginning of the tutorial.  This individual essay should be submitted to your tutor in hard copy and also electronically via Turnitin.




From the topics listed below select three; your first, second and third choice.  Together with your tutor you will negotiate your final choice.


Todevelop a deeper understanding of people and places in society, these topics are designed to enable you to research an areain which you are interested and to apply some disciplinary understanding of thesocial sciences. You are required to use library and Internet resources to help youresearch ideas and theoretical and literary sourcesthat will support your conceptualanalysis.


Formatting guidelines

The essay is to be submitted at the beginning of the tutorial in week 12. Please write your essays using 1.5 line spacing, 2.5 cm margins, no header or footer content except page numbers, type in 12 point font size either Arial or Times New Roman style, and use APA 6th edition referencing system (as per the CourseNotes page on the portal).

You are required to submit the body of your essay (not including Title Page or reference List) to Turnitin and obtain a % Match Report which you need to attach to the assignment.  Do not attach the digital receipt, if you do the penalty is -1.0 mark.  As Associate Degree students you are expected to have less than 5% match.  Higher percentages will incur penalties.


Please submit the complete assignment in the following order:

  • On top a signed Griffith College Assignment Cover Sheet (please answer the three questions)
  • A Title Page complete with: your degree, course code and title, the title of the report, your student ID and full name, tutor’s name, tutorial number, due date, and word count
  • The essays text followed by a correctly formatted Reference List
  • Turnitin % Match report (NOT the email receipt.  Marks will be deducted if you attach the incorrect document.)
  • Lastly, the marking criteria sheet.

Please then collate the pages together and staple neatly in the top left hand corner.  Professional presentation attracts marks.  Do not submit the essays in a plastic cover.

Gain a Bonus mark – Take your essay and have it checked for structure and Written English errors.  Submit the draft (with the editor’s changes).  No draft no Bonus mark.

The essay is for you to show your understanding of the theory and your ability to apply relevanttheories and concepts then link your topic to those theories and concepts as an example. Start early ondrafting your ideas and developing your analysis. Use examples from theliterature to validate your ideas.  Remember the essay is about the theory with the topic as the example. This assessment will allowyou to demonstrate your problem solving, critical evaluation, writtencommunication and information literacy skills, as well as your ability to workautonomously and display ethical behaviour in professional environments.






  1. One of the primary roles of a tourism precinct is to attract tourists. Getz’s (1993) Tourism Business District model identifies three special roles: CBD functions, essential services and core attractions.  Briefly discuss each of these roles.  Explain how they integrate with each other and link to other elements of that urban area.  Apply your theoretical discussion using the field trip/research of Brisbane city, as an example.


1005HSL The Service Industries and Society

Assessment 4 Individual Essay Marking Criteria and Standards Sheet


Student Name:                                                                                   Student ID:                                  




5 marks

Excellent definition, limiting and discussion of topic. Good attempt at defining, limiting and discussing topic. Definition, limiting and discussion of topic adequate. Some attempt at defining, limiting and discussing the topic. No or little attempt to define, limit and discuss the topic. Mark
  5 4 3 2 0-1
Development of a coherent and logical theoretical analysis that answers the question


10 marks

Strong critical analysis evident. Demonstrated excellent integration of ideas and theory. Clearly answers the question. Good attempt at building a critical analysis. Sound integration of ideas and theory. Flow of argument answers the question. Analytical perspectives rather shallow. Essay is descriptive, rather than analytical. Theory just evident.  Question is answered in general. Lacking analysis, mostly descriptive.Lacking flow or structure. Basic integration of ideas and theory. Barely answers the question. No clear understanding of topic. Little or no attempt to form a logical analysis. Lacks integration of ideas and theory.  Does not answer the question.
  8.5-10 7.5-8.0 6.5-7.0 5.0-6.0 0-4.5
Coverage of relevant

literature and

theoretical knowledge


10 marks

Clear understanding of topic. Excellent review and integration of relevant literature and theories. Authors’ perspectives well integrated into the assignment. Good coverage of the literature to supportideas. Clearly explained various authors’ intent.


Good use of theory and explanation to show understanding.

Some coverage of the literature and, but little evidence of authors’ words.


Little use of theory and/or not applied accurately.

Relied heavily on a limited set of readings. No explanation of author’s intent.

Theory selected is incorrect or missing.Demonstrated little understanding of theory.

Inadequate understanding and/or use of literature.


Inadequate demonstration of theoretical knowledge.

  8.5-10 7.5-8.0 6.5-7.0 5.0-6.0 0-4.5
Essay & paragraph structure

Syntax, Grammar,

spelling, Punctuation

and Referencing

5 marks

Excellent essay and paragraph structure. No syntax errors. Excellent referencing style in body and reference list. Quite well-structured with few errors. Few errors in in-text citations and/or reference list. Correct essay structure but paragraph structure needs work.Without too many errors in syntax, punctuation and spelling. In-text citations generally correct but several errors in the reference list. Paragraph structure is weak. Syntax, punctuation and spelling need attention. Little use and/or inaccurate in-text citations. Many reference list errors. Lacks structure. Syntax, punctuation and spelling, poor. Lacks referencing to any meaningful degree.
  5 4 3 2 0-1

5 marks

Powerful conclusion. Meaningful conclusion Adequate conclusion No meaningful conclusion Conclusion missing or unclear.
  5 4 3 2 0-1
  SUB TOTAL / 35
Comments: Bonus Mark for editing  
  Total / 35



Like other tourists attractions, urban areas have also become major tourist attractions. There are different precinct in these urban areas that attract tourists.  Major cities like France, London, New York, Brisbane, Sydney, and many others have a number of tourist precincts that brings in millions of tourists every year. The city is recognized as one of the central settings for tourism activities in a given country (Hayllar & Griffin, 2005). For a long time, the city was ignored by researchers despite play an overwhelming support for tourism activities. With recognition of the city as a major tourist destinations, questions emerge about the nature of urban experience and most important, the use of some spaces in the urban experience of the visitors.