Tourism Planning | Tourism in Western Australia


Assessment 2- Assignment

2,000 word Individual Report comprising 20% of the unit assessment.

Submission information

Weighting This assignment accounts for 20% of the assessment in this unit.
Date/Week Week 7, Monday 5th September 2016
Time 12.00noon
Place Blackboard via Turn-it-in   plus hard copy to lecturer
Format 2,000 words, 12 point font, 1 ½ line spacing

Learning outcome/s and Graduate Attributes

Completing assessment 2 will help you achieve the following learning outcome/s and ECU Graduate Attributes:

  1. explain the need for planned tourism development
  2. demonstrate an understanding of key terms, concepts and approaches related to tourism planning and development
  • Ability to communicate
  • ability to generate ideas and;
  • critical appraisal skills


Before starting this assignment, you should read the relevant chapters of the text book. Additional resources including a link to the library e-reserve are available on Blackboard.

Assignment instructions

For this assessment you are required to write a 2,000 word report that will provide essential background information to help you complete assessment 3 and assessment 4.  You are required to research and write up;

  1. An analysis of current market trends including the identification of the major source markets (domestic and international) for visitors to Western Australia. (Include graphs or tables that illustrate the trends for the different markets over the past 5 years and provide a prediction of the likely growth markets for the next 5 years).
  2. A review of relevant national and state tourism planning documents (Describe the key content of these documents and explain their relevance / impact for tourism planning in Western Australia generally and the Experience Perth Region specifically.




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Marking criteria

A marking rubric for Assessment 2 is provided atAppendix 1 of this document.


Tourism is one the major income generators in Australia accounting for about 10% of the total GDP in the country (Smallwood, Beckley and Moore, 2012). In Western Australia, tourism is a major revenue generator and as such the state accords the sector lots of attention. In this regard, it is imperative to analyze the various trends in the tourism industry in Western Australia so as to make informed policies and strategies. The purpose of this research is to look at the current trends for visitors to Western Australia. The analysis will consider the domestic and international visitors as well as demographics and other relevant statistics in the tourism industry of Western Australia. The paper will also review the national and state tourism planning documents and their relevance or impact in tourism planning in Western Australia. Empirical research method will be used where data from different tourism agencies in Australia and Western Australia will be used to identify the trend of tourism in Western Australia.