Tourism planning


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Visitor management takes a central role making sure that visitors get the best experience, provides job and business opportunity and that the ecological sustainability of the areas is protected. It is the work or objective of the tour operator to ensure that visitor management is effective (Black & Weiler, 2003). Tour operators are companies that combine tour and travel elements to create a holiday package. In the recent past there are very many firms that operate tour companies. That is triggered by increase of both local and international tourist visiting a given sites and this poses many challenges to the long term sustainability of the sites. It should be noted that visitor management may put in some restrictions or modifications that affect the overall experiences of the tourists to the site, which means tour companies must be aware of such challenges and prepare their clients in advance(Fyall, 2008).  This study will discuss five visitor management issues that may affect the overall experiences of tourists under Cox and Kings Tour Company, and the strategies that can be used in those sites to manage the issues discussed.