Topic: “Most people just want to get in, get it and get out…. The web is not a goal in itself. It is a tool” Jakob Neilsen. Please discuss.


The scope of this research is to discover what makes good systems with adaptable and conducive usability.
Key Questions:
• How can “usability of a web” create an efficient and effective experience to customers?
• What business values can the web facilitate as a tool to deliver reliable information to customers?
Business value
Usability is important in a web because it allow customer to be able to locate their desired resources in a shorter time. During this navigation process, companies can make use of the opportunity to gather user’s preference/interest, and supply relevant information back to the customers.
Communications of the ACM 42, no. 1: 65-72. Business Source Premier, EBSCOhost (accessed November 1, 2009)

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Technology is one area that has seen rapid growth in the past few years. The web is used today more than at any other time in history. As people use it however, it is important that they reap maximum benefits out of this noble technological achievement. At any given minute, there probably are millions of people using the web across the world. This is a wonderful thing considering that it greatly aids in the globalization process. However, the fact that this area is speedily developing means that persons could as well be using systems that do not really give them the optimal value for their investment. What then may be done to ensure that the web provides the best experience possible to the user? The web is only a tool that makes information possible, and to get the relevant information one needs to know where to go. Currently there are several millions of websites across the internet, well over eighty million of them; the number of user interface designs is in the hundreds of millions. Companies concerned with user interface design are competing to come up with products before their rivals do. This does not necessarily ensure the best of quality in as far as usability is concerned.  So what may be done in order to ensure that the business, corporate and other internet users do not necessarily lose money due to unusable interfaces? This clearly is not an easy thing to do.