Tiger woods


I. Introduction—Generalize on the topic
When he/she lived
Most famous for event, contribution or accomplishment to

II. Major point one—What were society’s views before he/she presented his/her
ideals, beliefs or accomplishments.


III. Major point two—Transition of society to change to the beliefs, ideals or


IV. Major point three—What was society like after the implementation of the
accomplishments, beliefs or ideals.


V. Conclusion—Summarize essay
Restate thesis statement
Changes/Expectations of society both then/now


He was the only marriage son of Earl and Kultida Woods born on December 30, 1975, in Cypress, California. He was formerly known as Eldrick until his twenty first birthdays when he changed to Tiger (John 1997). Before knowing how to walk, he started playing with the putter thus the parents identified him talent at that early age. Not only was the boy gifted with exceptional playing abilities but also grew a strong passion for the sport. Due to his remarkable talent at the age of three he gained his first national attention. The attention came after beating avid golfer and the famed comedian Bob Hope in a putting contest (The Star online 2007). This made him to be hailed as a child with remarkable talent. At the age of five, Woods was featured Incredible on the popular television. Though from a diverse family, his parents supported him to practice his talents and he maintained his composure. The Thailand mother made him know on the matters of Buddhism which seeks going beyond human experiences and sufferings while the Chinese father kept on supporting him especially by shouting at him as he practiced which made him gain experience and improvement on the golfing game. Being born by two different parents he referred himself as an African America thus he faced the racial segregation from the society he lived in (Dawkins 2004). Especially, with his golfing talent he was referred to be a seed growing on the wrong land. He was also from a middle class family (John 1997).