TI in south Korea


textbookstartegic management, a global approach, author mike peng, 3rd edition copyright 2014, (case study pg 440 to 447)
1. introduction
2. thesis statement
3. purpose of paper
4. overview of paper
a. who are the institution (or pillars) in the IBV model and what are their functios with regards to the case
b. answer the VRIO questions using teh case and argue why(or why not) the case represent a long term competitive firm
c. which of the characteristic strategies of an entrepreneurial firm appear in the case and how do they integrate VIRO and the IBV model into a successful entrepreneurial venture
6. conclusion to include lessons learned and recommendations
7. reference


The education sector has gone through significant changes with the advancement in technology. Modern students are using digital textbooks which offer a lot of benefits to both the students and the teachers. This paper examines the modernization of education through integration of technology into modern classrooms. The case in point involves an integrative case of Texas Instruments (TI) firm based in Dallas, Texas in providing table PCs with digital textbooks in South Korea. TI is a leader in designing, manufacturing, and sales producing different products that include computing hardware, communications equipment, consumer electronics, industrial supplies, automotive components, as well as education solutions. The firm is one of the largest as well as the most profitable manufacturer in the United States, providing both hardware as well as software solutions for teachers and students (Peng, 2014).