Theology on either “Sanctification” or “Service”


Your paper must be a minimum of 3 pages (12-pt. font, double-spaced) where each of the following is addressed:

-Definition of the word
-Directions on where to find the word in the assigned readings for the week (Chapter and verse)

(Gaebelein: The Expositor’s Bible pages 126-171 and Alva McClain’s Romans: The Gospel of God’s Grace pages 205-253 MUST BE USED)

-Delineation of how Paul uses the word in explaining/supporting his theology

-Your paper must be written in report form using APA guidelines. Two outside sources (in addition to the texts used in this course) must be used


The doctrine of sanctification is one of the most controversial and one that is often misunderstood among all Christian doctrines.  As a result of this misunderstanding, most Christians either withdraw from it or they tend to associated with its fanatical groups that seek its application within the realm of wrong interpretation. According to Strauss this has led to continued neglect and mistreatment of this important Christian doctrine. Sanctification has been used in different circumstance and by different authors of the important books of the bible. For example, Paul uses this doctrine extensively in his writing.