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Descartes argues that the existence of God is easier to demonstrate that the existence of the world. A)Explain why this is so, as if you were speaking to some one who had never read Descares or studied philosophy. B)Indicate whether you agree/disagree with Decartes’ reasoning, illustrateing your view with an example from your own experience. The two parts of your paper should be roughly equal.


It may sound absurd to a normal human person for Descartes to have found it easier to demonstrate the existence of God compared to the existence of the world. But if we are to ponder on the possibility that the ancient man was much closer to God compared to modern man then his argument makes some sense. The modern human being has completely lost companionship with God. He therefore finds the material world more real than the inner and  non material world. There are people however who have been able to maintain the reality of the inner world thus strongly back the assertion of Descartes.