The wood craftmanship of the shakers


I would like this speech to be written by an American writer. I will upload a sample outline of the style of the speech as well at a outline template to be followed and the description outline. it must be APA cited and must have at least 5 sources.


  1. Attention Getter: In the late 18th century, a religious community known as the Shakers was established in New Lebanon, New York.
  2. Reason to Listen: The group was known for its outstanding wood architecture, design and handcrafts from which we have much to learn.
  3. Thesis Statement: The Shakers’ wood craftsmanship remains one of the most admired and celebrated woodwork throughout history and a fascination to anyone who reads or listens about it today.
  4. Credibility statement :I have for a long time been interested in the culture of the Shakers, and I have read and researched widely about them, both from books and the Internet.
  5. Preview of Main Points: First, I will discuss the origin and beliefs of the Shakers. Secondly, I will examine the wood craftsmanship of the community, and lastly, I will look at the impact of the communities’ culture on the wider society.