The War on Drugs and its affect.


12 pt font, time new romans, one/inch margin 150 word abstract on seperate page reference page ten peer reveiwed journal articles/sources. Paper should have four parts introduction, literature review, analysisand/or theory and conclusion. Paper should identify a problem, provide supportrd based on scholarly research on mandatory sentencing, snitching , history of drug (prohibition), effect on ones health and how it effect the family due to parent being incarcerated and being reared by fostercare system or family member. Need 10 peer revew


Since the country was formed, America has been at war.  The country has fought protracted war on different directions from civil war, civil rights, women’s rights, and many others. These wars have been orchestrated by the need of the moment in line with turning historical pages. These wars have achieved their objectives while others are still far away from being realized. One of the longest war in the country has been the war on drug. For more than four decades, the United States started a protracted war on a drug that was fought inside and outside the country.  More than four American presidents have personally waged a bitter war on drugs but unfortunately the war has not achieved its objectives. Drug abuse continues unabated.  Drug abusers still fill the courts, hospitals, and prison. According to Maris (1999) the cost of fighting drugs is mounting a huge wage bill to a struggling economy and drug related violent crimes have increased. The children of drug abusers are neglected, abused, and left to fend for themselves or placed under foster care. The war on drug has had heavy social cost with increased breakdown of families.  In addition, the war on drug has portrayed underlying racial tensions with African Americans constituting a large percentage of those who have been convicted of drug related offenses.   As the country focus on criminalization of drugs, analysts are calling for a change of strategy but the country is tightening the noose on drug offenders. Analysts have criticized some of the laws like three strike laws which has put most drug convicts behind the bars for life.