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The Use of Technology in Zoos and Impact on Animal-Human Encounter


In a world faced with rapid decline in natural ecosystems, zoos comes in hand to create a unique human experience of ecosystem, as it would be, though it is all a false experience. The historical development of zoos follows an imperialism path where colonialists wanted to create an impression of how it was in the other side of the world (Berger, 1980). It should be noted that humans, especially blacks, were once unique creatures that were placed in zoos by colonialists. They were like a trophy to the colonial hunters, and were considered unique creatures that not many people had ever seen. The imperialism notion of displaying rarity to the public created the modern concept of zoos, although the modern zoos are driven by the need to conserve some ecosystem by bringing animals close to the people rather than having people venturing into delicate ecosystems to watch them.