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Historical Essay

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The outbreak of  World war I have been attributed to various causes with each cause defining the precise description of how the war came into being. Among the most significant forces that lead to world war, I am nationalism, militarism, and imperialism.  Starting with the force of nationalism, this is where people of Slavic in Bosnia and Herzegovina wanted to no longer belong to Austria Hungary but desired to be part of Serbia. In the explained way, the urge of nationalism presents a direct cause of the war. More specifically, nationalism in various countries across Europe contributed not only to the begging of World War I but also to the spread of battle in other Europe countries. Imperialism and imperial also provided to a big start of World War I. Imperialism is a scheme in which influential nation manages and exploits one or more settlement (Wagner, 2017). In the right to resist world the powerful nations, the colonized nations formed resistance armies that in turn lead to the outburst of World War I. Militarism also contributed to the outbreak of WWI. The main event of militarism that caused WWI was the naval rivalry that was made after 1900.