the three apparitions of the ghost in Hamlet


  • Make sure it follows the guidelines of writing an essay.  (Catch the reader’s attention, provide background, state thesis clearly, state points clearly, develop the body paragraphs, leave a lasting impression, etc.)
  • Use evidence from the text to support your ideas. Make sure you cite the information from the text.
  • Make sure you fill out a graphic organizer BEFORE writing your essay, and turn in your graphic with your essay.  This will be used to grade your paper, so do not skip this step.




Structured Notebook Checklist


  • _____Complete the graphic organizer before you write your paper.  Remember, the purpose of the graphic organizer is to help build up your paper, not break it down.
  • _____State the author and title of the work in the introduction paragraph.
  • _____Clear thesis statement
  • _____Points 1, 2, and 3 should match the graphic organizer and should be fully developed.  Include a minimum of 8 sentences in each body paragraph.  You may have more.
  • _____Include examples from the text to support your arguments.  These can be quotes, figures of speech, or other examples.  Cite with Act, Scene, and Line #.
  • _____Use a clincher at the end of each body paragraph.
  • _____Clear conclusion that brings the entire paper to a close.  It should not only restate the thesis differently but it should also leave the reader with an understanding of what you have written.
  • _____No slang
  • _____No 1st or 2nd person
  • _____No contractions
  • _____Use formal tone.
  • _____Title should read Structured Notebook #____ (for the number of the essay you choose)
  • _____Below this title, type the question that you are answering.
  • _____Indent each paragraph.
  • _____No extra spaces between paragraphs. (Go to paragraph and change the before and after spacing to 0’s)
  • _____12 point font, Times New Roman
  • _____Normal, 1 inch margins
  • _____Check punctuation
  • _____Check capitalization
  • _____Check parallelism
  • _____Check agreement (subject/verb, pronoun/antecedent, tense, point of view)



Essays – Follow the instructions.  Remember to use a graphic organizer.  It is obvious when you do not.  The graphic will need to be turned in with the essay.  Catch the reader’s attention (using a specific technique), give background, state thesis and points clearly.  Don’t forget to include title of play and author.  Develop each body paragraph (minimum of 8 sentences in each body paragraph).  Remember to support what you say with evidence from the text.  Conclusion should reiterate points and thesis differently than in introduction and should pull your ideas together.  This is formal in tone and should not contain slang, contractions, 1st person, or 2nd person (except in the lines to catch the reader’s attention or leave a lasting impression).  MLA heading, typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 1″ margins, in-text citations, and a works cited page.  

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The play, the tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, was authored by William Shakespeare. The main character is known as, the Ghost. The character was also branded as king Hamlet in order to bring a distinction of him with Prince Hamlet. Human beings live with past memories and the dead are always fresh in their memories. A Ghost of a dead person in a literal setting appears with an aim of solving a misery or an injustice that happened before the character died. Hamlet who is featured as the main character by Shakespeare is not different since King Hamlet’s ghosts appear in the bid to convenience prince Hamlet to revenge against his mysterious death. The three ghost appearances trigger themes of death and revenge and are also aimed at unmasking a murderous character in the play known as Claudius, and further show the significance and difference of the three appearances by hamlet’s ghost.