The Threat of National ID


William Safire’s “The threat of National ID cards-” explaining to whom writes as an audience and the issue/topic he addresses. Also clarify his particular argument or position on this issue, telling whether you agree or disagree with his view. Make sure to refer to the article in your writing on it and also to your own personal experience/knowledge to support your agreement/disagreement


In his article on Threat of National ID, William Safire presents his case against a national system of identification cards. Safire (2001) is critical of the government move to have all Americans carry their national ID as an attempt for infringing on the rights of Americans. He argues that this would be intrusion into the privacy of most Americans and they stand to lose rather than gain from the government scheme.

In this article that was published in New York Time, Safire (2001) compared nation ID cards to a new device that has been developed to assist dog pet owners to track a lost pet.  The device, in form of a small chip, is implanted under the skin on the neck. With the device in place, any animal shelter is in a position to scan the animal and identify the owner with ease. He is quick to point out that this is positive side of such a technology as it would assist owners to find lost pets. However, he is opposed to application of the same technology to spy on each and every American in pretence of fighting terrorism.  It is in the same way that American government would find it easy to trace any body with a national ID. He points out that fear of terrorism does not guarantee Americans’ rights to be interfered with since this only brings a false sense of security.  Safire (2001) points out that Americans have already shown their willingness to give up some of their personal rights for security. He contends that Americans do not worry suffering from pat-downs and other security screening measures at the airport sine those means ensures everybody has a peace of mind.