The success rate of juvenile delinquents with and without a diploma. Are they more successful if they receive a GED/Diploma or not?


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Juvenile delinquency can generally be referred to as the crimes which are committed by persons who have not yet attained adulthood status. A juvenile is generally a person according to the state laws who cannot be litigated in an as adult law of courts. When a child or anyone who is under the age of majority has, commits a crime, most frequently they are tried through court system separate from that which tries adult. There is however confinements which are specifically designed for children who commit serious crimes referred to as detention centers. It is often within the courts province in juvenile court to determine the degree of risk the juvenile pose to society and the degree of benefits incurred by incarceration. In many cases upon the satisfaction that no other crime has been committed juvenile crimes are expunged upon reaching age off 18 years. (Cromwell, 1978)