The Social, Cultural, Biological, and Lifespan Aspects of Personality

Now that we have examined the five major theories of personality, it is time to give attention to variables that likely hold more questions than answers: how social, cultural, biological, and lifespan factors influence the development and expression of personality. Full consideration of personality would not be complete without these variables. Indeed, not giving attention to these areas from a clinical perspective, regardless of theoretical orientation, likely violates ethical obligations, particularly in regard to cultural considerations.
From a social lens, we might be interested in the following questions:
• How do social environments determine how we respond?
• What is the influence of socioeconomic status on the development of personality?
• To what degree do familial influences play a part in personality development?
Cultural considerations in the examination of personality include:
• How personality is constructed based on culture?
• How do different cultures conceptualize the self?
• How does your own cultural background influence how you view personality?
Some questions to consider from a biological perspective include:
• To what degree can we use genetics to explain our understanding of personality?
• Is there an evolutionary process involved in personality?
• Are there personality genes that influence the expression of personality?
From a lifespan perspective, questions of interest may include:
• How do we psychologically develop over time?
• What is the association between lifespan development and personality?
• Are there specific constructs and theories of personality that lend themselves better to explaining developmental considerations?

To successfully complete this learning unit, you will be expected to:
1. Analyze how social, cultural, biological, and lifespan factors influence personality development.

Learning Activities Studies
In the Theories of Personality text, read Chapter 15, “Personality in Perspective,” pages 390–399. This chapter summarizes the main themes from the various personality theories related to social, cultural, biological, and lifespan considerations.

Discussion 1: 1 page needed with three references.
Personality Examined Through Different Lenses
Identify a professional article discussing how social, cultural, biological, or lifespan factors influence personality development. Review the article and then write your analysis of the content. Include an APA citation


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