The secret world of the ethical hacker. this is also the thesis


Informative speech, 5-6 minutes long, must have :
an introduction, thesis, significance, preview,
body, main point
conclusion with summary of main points, concluding device


An ethical hacker is an extremely intelligent person who uses his or her knowledge in a constructive manner to help companies, organizations, governments, and other entities to identify the vulnerability of their system to hacking. Ethical hacking, therefore, can be said to be a technique, in which a moral hacker enters into a computer system like a normal hacker, in order to test vulnerability of the security system. The goal of an ethical hacker is to identify the security weaknesses in a system and instead of harming the system, notifies the administrator, so that the latter assess the security level of the system and initiate measures that will make the system secure. Ethical hackers therefore operate a secretive engagement between them and the organizations they work for.