The role of words in the world of social media.


-You must have a minimum of 7 sources. -The paper should be a minimum of 1250 (about 5 pages) words (excluding works cited page) and no longer than 1500 words. -You must follow the MLA format for in-text citations and works cited page at the end of the research paper. Both in-text citations and works cited page are required. -Sample thesis: The prevalence of twitter, texting, snapchat, instagram, facebook and other social media has impacted the way users obtain, evaluate and use information.

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Rapid growth and development in the field of technology and communication have made way for social media, to extensively integrate itself as a crucial factor in our day to day experience as human beings. Social media as a means of interaction and communication incorporates the use of words either spoken or written, in order to translate meaningful ideas between users. The impetus of this script is to Analyze and Explore the diverse ways in which words have been put to use in social media, and how the use of words has influenced the communication of people in the social media world.