The origin of the writ of certiorari


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The writ of certiorari is one of the legal procedures involving the proceedings between the supremacy court and a lower court. The writ of certiorari is prominent in legal systems of major countries in the world.  The writ of certiorari  is also one of the oldest  writs in the world defining the  relationship between the supreme court and other courts ni the land  on legal proceedings.  The writ is used to give a certain appellate proceeding for the purpose of re-examination of any action taken in the course of trial court of an inferior court. The term is still used in the United States in context of some appeals.

This paper will review the writ of certiorari in all its details. The paper will review the application of the writ in appeal case in the United States and other major countries in the world. The paper will also look at the origin of the writ of certiorari and how it has evolved over the years to understand why it is still relevant to our legal system.  The following source will be used for the study: