The New Deal vs. President Obamas Economic Recovery Plan


I wanted to write about how FDRs New Deal in the 1930s compares and contrasts with Obamas plan… This is the prompt for the essay:

Prompt #4: Compare/Contrast


Compare/ Contrast essays can be especially difficult due to the difficulty of organizing them. You must read the part in your textbook about choosing a strategy very carefully in order to understand that you have to choose an organization pattern.



Essay Directions:


For this essay, you will write a three page essay comparing and/or contrasting an academic topic, such as a place that you have seen in two different perspectives, like the Mark Twain essay; or compare and contrast two different public figures, like in the Bruce Caton piece (you have to use public figures that are academic in nature- I swear if I get an essay comparing Paris Hilton to anybody, I will simply fail the paper and probably throw my computer across the room!). You are also welcome to find a way to discuss your research paper topic, so that you are working ahead on research and writing for the final paper.

Compare/contrast essays can be difficult to write, so choose something fun to write about:

I love to travel, so I might choose to write about a place I’ve traveled to more than once, and explain the differences or the similarities- like a Gulf State country (Qatar is where I have been) as it continues to fluctuate in it’s progress in the modern day world.

Or if I was writing about two different public figures, I might choose to write an essay comparing or contrasting Barrak Obama to John F. Kennedy and the start of the presidential terms as young men breaking boundaries for the first time (JFK was the first catholic president and this was a big deal at the time).

If I was going to compare two seemingly completely different things, I might choose to compare a liberal and a conservative and show that their extremism makes them very similar. These are just some things that I would find interesting to think about. Think of something you would find interesting to think about.

(At the moment, I am reading a biography discussing the similarities between Lincoln and Darwin, who were born on the same day in the same year- which is a really interesting comparison).

The only caveat to this essay is that it has to be academic in nature. You can’t just write about fluff. You need your comparison/contrast to make some kind of a point. Look at all of my examples- I have a reason for comparing/contrasting these topics: to show the changing perspective of a travel experience, to show how people often have similarities or differences we hadn’t thought of, to show how extremism produces the same effects regardless of cause. This means you do need at least two sources to support, and sources to support.

Seriously, you guys, I mean that about the fluff- I had a student one time write this paper about the differences between Tweety Bird and Woodstock! For a two hundred point essay, you should definitely figure that this is a somewhat humorous topic, but not appropriate for this essay.

Three pages
The use of the third person needs some work, so only third person- no "I’s", "We’s", "You’s" etc.- keep yourself and your audience out of it. Once you get more comfortable in that tone, then play with the other voices.
Clear compare/contrast thesis
Paragraphs that are well connected (see page 319 for word choices to help transition between ideas)
Two researched outside sources (this can be an internet source) to support your point of view
Proper MLA in text citations for research
Works Cited page, using MLA format- found in your Keys for Writers reference book.
A first draft or outline attached to the end of the paper after the Works Cited- use the prewriting technique that works best for you- I just want to see that you are prewriting.


The new deal was a stimulus plan that was enacted by Franklin Roosevelt back in 1930 to jumpstart the American economy which had been adversely affected by the great depression. Obama, just like FDR, took over a government that had been hit by a recess due to the credit crunch experienced during Bush’s administration. Both men from the Democratic Party were voted in by Americans under the promise that they would help jumpstart the economy which would lead to a decrease in unemployment. Obama has come up with a recovery package which is massive and has been approved by the senate, commonly dubbed as the Economic Recovery Plan or the Stimulus Plan (Bowman, 2009).