The most dangerous place in the world in terms of natural hazards


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Tokyo, a city in Japan, is vulnerable to earthquakes. The city sites on a zone where continental plates meets making it vulnerable to earthquakes. With more than 35 million residents, earthquakes in Tokyo are a catastrophe, although most of them are small tremors. However, as will be explored later in this essay, the government has taken various mitigation strategies that affect people in different ways.

Tokyo is not a stranger to earthquakes because very year, it experiences about 1,500 earthquakes of varied magnitudes.  As a country, Japan is considered home to not less than a fifth of all earthquakes that are recorded in the world every year, and Tokyo bears the blunt of these earthquakes. This makes Tokyo one of the most dangers place in the world in terms of earthquakes, one of the most devastating natural hazards. According to surveillance data, the 35 million residents of the city live under fear of a major earthquake that may potentially wipe out the entire city, considering that they experience tremors almost every week (Rice, 2013). Most of these are small tremors that cause minimal damage, although there are founded fears that Japan may actually be hit by a large-scale earthquake once.  The details of Tokyo proneness to earthquakes can be seen in appendix 1 and 2.