the main issues in lowering the drinking age to 18?


2. What were, in your opinion, the main issues in lowering the drinking age to 18? Take a stand, and support your position, but your only sources may be the New York Times or USA Today. How do these issues at the federal, state and local levels affect the voter, the legislature, interest groups, the media, and the courts? What is your opinion and why do you believe this way?
At least 5 paragraphs


Lowering the age of drinking is one of the most controversial issues in the United States today. Currently, the legal age of drinking in the country has been set at 21 years. There has been a clamor from different quarters to have the legal age of drinking lowered to the legally recognized age of suffrage of 18 years. However, for the last 24 years, the government has pursued a prohibition policy that bars those less than 21 years from purchase of alcohol. Consequently, this has led to increased cases of alcohol abuse, especially binge drinking. Considering that those who have attained the age of 18 are bestowed with different responsibilities like drinking, voting serving in the military and others, the legal age of drinking should be lowered to 18 years.