The Jilting of Granny Weatheral


Select one supporting character from the story(do not choose Granny Weatherall)write an essay in which you discuss how your chosen supporting character contributes to the theme nd meaning of the short story


One of the supporting characters in this story is George. George is the man who abandons Granny Weatherall at the alter. He is the man who jilts Granny Weatherall and leaves her alone at the alter when she was in her twenties having a promising future. George plays a major role in this story because he is the character around whom the story gets its title. The word ‘jilting’ is derived from this action in the sense that he jilted Weatherall and left her at the alter. Even during her deathbed, Granny Weatherall still loved George, although she shows that she has spent her entire adult trying to forget about him and not wanting to think about him even a moment. However, George comes out as those people who have an everlasting impact in her love life. A man she met in her twenties, George continues to occupy her memory even in her deathbed.  Although she eventually married another man and had a family, she is still in denial that she had convinced herself to have put the pain of being “jilted” behind her life, albeit this comes to haunt her in her deathbed.  The influence of George and the love she had for George is evident in many ways. Apart from remembering him sixty years later, she also kept letters from George in her attic even after George had jilted her at the alter.  George is therefore a supporting character who helps to develop many themes in this story.