The Issues and Problems encountered by Small and Medium enterprises.


a) Look up, in academic sources, what a research report is all about.
b) One definition of a literature review definition is “A critical summary and an assessment of the current state of knowledge or current state of the art in a particular field”. . Key words include current state of knowledge, art, critical summary. These imply a range of contemporary sources/authors enabling you to take a critical approach = comparing theories and empirical evidence where they converge and diverge. This demonstrates your understanding and cognitive abilities in analysing and evaluating the range of literature in your area.
c) Finally, as you research your chosen area, remain focused on the title.


The marks are based on the final report, based on Module outcomes 3 – 6.
Outcome 3 (assessed)
• Identify, through a literature review, contemporary theories, models and empirical research in a selected area of SME development (A19 & 20).
The emphasis here is very much on the diligence of the student to do a thorough search to identify suitable boundaries and focus for the topic, and, within these identify a suitable range of literature sources that provide a comprehensive view of the contemporary state of knowledge and understanding.
Outcome 4 (assessed)
• critically analyse, compare and contrast the findings of the literature search to produce a comprehensive view of the main themes in the specified area (A 21; B12; D26)
This is how you use all the information you have gathered to analyse, compare findings and evaluate the findings. Essentially this critical step provides the superstructure of real understanding on the basis of the diligence in collecting the information.


Over the last century, numerous developments in the business sector have been realized across the globe. The key catalysts to these developments in business activity are growth in technology, liberalization of markets as well as the development of globalization. These phenomenons have led to magnificent increase in business activity in all levels of the economy. Small, medium and large organizations have been affected by these changes in the business environment. Nevertheless, there has been rising concern on the state of Small and Medium Enterprises across the globe. It has been clearly evident that SMEs have not yet realized optimum growth and efficiency in their operations. Despite the much involvement of government and other global institutions to enhance the operations of SMEs, serious problems are still facing the sector. Both developed and developing nations have been faced by this crisis, whereby the SME sector has been experiencing slow growth and high levels of inefficiencies. The source of the inefficiencies in the SME sector has attracted high concern from scholars and researchers who have indulged in seeking to establish the issues and problems facing SMEs.