The increase of Anti-semitism in modern times


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Anti-Semitism is an age old practice dating as far back as the 7thcentury when institutionalized discrimination against the Jews occurred. Jews were barred from marrying Christians and holding positions in government. In the 14th century, the Bubonic plague spread in Europe eliminating approximately one-third of the population. The Jews were blamed for spreading the disease, and in Germany and Austria an estimated 100,000 Jews were burned alive. They were deprived of their legal and civil rights facing harsh economic, political and social discrimination. In the early 20thcentury, deadly anti-Jewish pogroms were performed in Russia, while the National Socialist (Nazi) performed atrocities that exemplified the excesses of anti-Semitism in Germany. After the Russian Revolution in 1921, more than five hundred Jewish communities were annihilated through pogroms resulting to the murder of more than sixty thousand people. Anti-Semitism is with no doubt on the rise in modern times too, and its effects continue to be felt across the globe from one social setting to the other.