The importance of objects and landscape


Salman Akhtar ( and You will respond to the ideas raised in the lecture. The response .Salman Akhtar: Immigration – the importance of objects and landscapes

Dr. Akhtar suggests that the immigrant experience is related to a variety of realities. He discusses the importance of objects and landscapes to the well-being of an immigrant. Your task is to summarize his main idea and relate this to the real experience of an immigrant. Since anyone who has moved from one place to another is at some level an immigrant, you may use examples from your own or another’s experience. In your answer, think about language, expectations, norms, etc. Also decide whether you can agree with his “five measures” – support your answer.

This assignment should be approximately 500 words long.


It is not easy being an immigrant. No one would like to be an immigrant but there are different reasons that make people leave their usual environment to live in alien lands. There are many difficulties that individuals face in a foreign land but most important is the change in the Geophysical as they find themselves in a different environment from the one they have been used to.