The importance of Ethics in the organization(Medical Ethics Committee)


presentation Instructions

You are the Chair of your organization’s Medical Ethics Committee. The Board Chairman has asked you to make a presentation to the Board of Directors on the importance of Ethics in the organization. You have been given a 40-minute time slot to present this critical information.

Remember, this is being presented to the Board of Directors, so it should be a professional, fact-based, compelling presentation!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for giving me this chance to talk about the importance of ethics in an organization.   Compliance with ethics is not an option in most medical organizations but rather a necessity.  I am therefore pleased to have a chance to discuss this important issue today.

The term ‘ethics’ refer to rules and principles  that defines what is wrong or right  as far as individual conduct is concerned. According to Driscoll & Hoffma (2002) and Alfrod (2001) an ethical behavior is a behavior that is right or good within the context of the moral code that governs the individual. Lakhan, Hamlat, McNamee & Laird (2009) stress that this moral code can vary from society norms to organizational rules and regulations.  In addition, ethics can also be considered as a way of behaving that is prescribed or imposed by the working environment. In this case, this would refer to the environment created by organizational culture.  In addition, Beuchamp & Childress (2001) stress that organization ethics are the fabric that holds integrity, openness, commitment and adherence to organizational objectives and goals.  In an organization, a code of ethics is a set of principles that guide programs, policies, and decisions.