the impact of advertising to brands awareness and global customers behaviors towards awareness


the thesis that i will talk about is the correlation between (advertising, brand awareness, and customer decision making) i mentioned global Customer because the sample size that i am planning to apply the research to will include more than 30 different nationality from different ages,
i am trying to find a model here to study the relation between the 3 above mentioned factors..
i will try to find the best advertising method now a days to lead to brand awareness and the other part will be that even if the customer will be aware of the brand does only awareness encourage him/her to buy the product or other stuff affects their decision such as the need, the economic situation, personality,..etc


the paper must include all of the following:
literature review,
Theoretical Perspectives and Interpretations,
Knowledge Gap,
Research Aims & Significance,
Research Methodology,
Research Methods,
Quantitative Method,
Qualitative Method,
Secondary Data,
Research Framework,
Research Work Plan,
Ethical Considerations,
Prospected Research Contribution Organization of the research,
References and bibliography.

one last request please is to change the title of the topic itself and if their is a possibility to make it smaller or more professional

P.S. all the resources must be after the year 2005 any older resources will not be acceptable by my professor


This chapter sets the ground for the study. The chapter provides a background review of the research variables. From the background research, the chapter will state the research problem. This chapter also establishes the purpose of the study and states the main aim and objectives. The chapter states that research question and ends with highlighting the anticipated limitations. 1.1 Background Research evidence shows that one of the most important goals of marketing is to ensure there is enough brand awareness (Srivastava, 2010). This considered especially important in situations where there is low-involvement with consumers engaging in little active search for information regarding a brand. There is enough evidence that supports the role of brand awareness in consumer decision making process (Clark, Doraszelski & Draganska, 2009; Tong & Hawley, 2009). Consumer decision making starts with identification of a need. Once a customer identifies a need, he or she will work towards fulfilling that need.