The hundred year′s war


Research paper is about the Hundred year′s war (France vs. England— 1337-1453). Write about how this event is the most influential of the Middle ages. 3 page with another page of MLA format cite source. Need 4 direct quote and at least 1 counter argument paragraph. All the info is in the file I uploaded.

English 12 research paper 14


The great hundred year’s wars is a conflict that existed during periods of around 1337 to 1453 between England’s kingdom House of Plantagenet and the house of Valois of the Kingdom of France. (Burne & Alfred, pg. 23)The war was mainly revolving around succession matters to the French throne. The war is one of the most historic conflicts of the middle ages. The war made two conflicting sides to rise and become some of the most remarkable powers of that period. The war saw five generations sit in the throne of England. Hundred years war is very important to the development of the European renaissance. It changed elements of how people live, government’s structures, military organizations and land control policies. That is why the war is directly connected to other later developments in Europe like science and industrialization.