The Hiding Place


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The Hiding Place is a book by ten Boom written together with John and Elizabeth Sherrill, which narrates the experience of the ten Boom’s family during the Nazi era.  The book’s protagonist is Corrie ten Boom, a member of the ten Boom family, who is imprisoned by the Nazis together with her family members for hiding Jews. The novel recounts the horrors of the Holocaust, showing how even the innocent suffered in their efforts to protect the Jews.

Corrie and Betsy endured a long incarceration that cost Betsy’s life. They could have chosen an easier path, but they chose to protect the Jews knowing that they would suffer the consequences.  Their resolve to protect the Jews was motivated by their Christian upbringing that made them love all people regardless of their race. Even when her health was deteriorating because of incarceration, Betsy clung to her Bible and preached to the inmates to accept Jesus Christ as their savior.  She harbored no hard feelings for the Nazis because she thought they did not know what they were doing, and they were motivated by hatred towards the Jews.