The Great Gatsby / The American Dream


To get the best result I′m just going to type the directions for the greatest outcome. ″Write an essay that analyzes how the development of a character in The Great Gatsby emphasizes the theme of the failure of the American Dream. Includ: A great Introduction a. A grabber that makes the reader interested in what you′re going to say (1-2 sentences) b. a thesis that identifies the novel, author, character and theme (1-2 sentences) 2) Clear body paragraphs a. Start with a clear topic sentence for each paragraph. They should answer in the following order: i. Analyze how the author introduces the character and the reader′s first impression. ii. Analyze the details that emerge about the character and his or her major actions in the novel. iii. Analyze how the charcater′s part in the novel is resolved. b. use direct quotations and summary from the novel to support your ideas c. Include parenthetical citation (page numbers). d. use transitions within and between paragraphs to show how ideas relate 3) a strong conclusion a. Elaborate (briefly and in general) on your character′s impact on the theme of the novel: the failure of the American Dream. b. Make an emotional connection i. Respond personally to the ideal of the american dream, OR ii. identify the effects of the american dream on our nation, OR iii. Argue for or against Fitzgerald′ belief in the failure of the american dream That is all I need, my paper is due tomorrow (1/3/18) around 1:00 PM but I set the due date to next Thursday (1/4/18) b/c I understand I haven′t left much time. Hope you can help me! Again the book is all about The Great Gatsby and the topic revolves around the failure of the American Dream

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Many authors employ the notion of American dream in their works to uphold the success of America or to enhance a particular theme. However, in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, The Great Gatsby, the author discusses about the failure of the American dream in the course of a corrupt period. In the book, the author main character Jay Gatsby does not achieve the American Dream due to his extreme enthusiasm to impress a girl and dubious means of acquiring wealth.

The novel main character Gatsby’s has an American dream of achieving his ultimate goal of being with Daisy his dream girl and plans to achieve this through power and money. Gatsby and Daisy met earlier but due to their difference in social classes they were unable to be together. The moment Gatsby got money, all he wishes is to be with Daisy and spend the rest of life with her even though she is married to Tom Buchman. Gatsby even moved near her as he wants to be with her so badly: