The Enlightenment an Revolutions in 18th century


the question is this

What roles did enlightenment thought play in the making of th eightenth century revolutions. Compare and contrast the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the Industrial Revolution.

Pforessor wants to write adeas(arguments, answer to all questions) supported by facts(places, people, events, etc.) Thank you so much!


The 18th century was responsible for great enhancement and progress in communication system.  The works of outstanding philosophers of the time came to be known by the public, more books were printed and the few persons that were educated embraced new concepts on politics, governance, and manufacturing of goods. Intellectuals become more optimistic as they were able to access ideas from other countries. In France for instance philosophers such as Voltaire and Rousseau had an influence in the French revolution through their philosophies on governance and politics. These constant attacks on the monarchies and religion fueled public anger against the kings and the system. Similarly the American constitution was made in France and this gave the intellectuals in the latter country a chance to discuss ideas to do with freedom and liberty. This admiration for the American system of governance was revolutionary considering the oppressive nature of the monarchies.