The Cultural Politics of Sport


Choose ONE specific topic. The topic is wide open to choose but it must be relevant to sports and course themes.

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perspectives on a
particular text, issue, event, phenomenon, debate, etc. related to the cultural
politics of sport.

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the topic, rather critically analyze and discuss the topic utilizing course material
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Most important to this assignment is your capacity to demonstrate that you have
engaged the themes, subjects,
theories and conversations of this course and can critically apply them to a
particular topic.

As such, YOU MUST UTILIZE AT LEAST TWO COURSE READINGS IN YOUR PAPER (i.e., you will need to engage a theme, idea,
argument, claim or otherwise from course readings).

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For a long time, the issue of prosecution of dopers remains controversial. For a long time, doping has attracted only a lenient punishment for being banned from sports for few years but there is a not legal prosecution.  Since the turn of the 20th century when the sporting industry became highly commercialized, doping was taken as an issues meriting immediate attention as the number of people relying on sports their livelihood increased and the call for fair competition was encouraged. Ethically, any competition is considered fair when all competitors are provided with a fair playing ground where they can compete depending on their abilities rather than synthetic body enhancements through drugs. Lack of legal prosecution has reduced the issue of doping to a child play since if individuals can dope and win the game and then be banned for few years, it would  not be a great deal for their sporting career since they would eventually make a come back.  The main concerns for most people is that although doping is considered to have serious impact on the credibility of sports personality and the whole fraternity, it has not been clearly criminalized to enable enforcement of legal punishment to dopers.  This paper aims at establishing a major justification for the legal framework to regulate operation of doping. The main aim of the paper is to prove that application of criminal law on doping infractions would be a better idea to deter potential dopers and ensure that there is honesty in sports. Such punishment, when applied in sporting is likely to produce similar effect it has produced on the criminal justice system and would deter other from doping.  Creation of a strong legal foundation would ensure that there is consistence and efficiency in enforcement of anti-doping regulations and dopers receive legal punishment which is equal to the crime they have committed.