the Court’s treatment of a particular issue over time


Research Paper Prep: Be sure to use your text : O’Connor, K. & Sabato, L. J. (2009) American government: Roots and reform 2009 Edition (10th ed.). New York

Review the Research Paper instructions found within the Research Paper link in your eCollege course or under the "Components of Course Evaluation" section of this guide. The Research Report is due in Week Five. To help with the preparation of the report, complete the following and submit to your instructor for feedback.
• Topic: Select a topic of interest to you.
• Thesis: Develop your thesis statement. This will become the point or perspective you will argue or prove in the paper. Please see the Ashford-approved grammar handbook for information on how to develop a solid thesis.
• Annotated Bibliography: For this paper you need to do research in peer-reviewed journals or other journals that are considered to have reliable information (do not use sources from the secular press, i.e. Time, Newsweek, Parent’s Today). In addition to the textbook, you need at least three articles from professional scholarly journals and not popular Internet sites (if you do find something on the World Wide Web, it must be authored and/or be a reliable source). In these journals, the research and information is either reviewed by an editorial team (such as for the Harvard Business Review) or a group of peers (such as in many journals you find through the Ashford University online library).
The purpose of the Annotated Bibliography is to assist you in developing research analysis skills including: critical thinking, writing, and literature research skills. The Annotated Bibliography should include the following information for each source:
• Name of the article, including the complete bibliographic citation, using APA format.
• Summary/abstract of the article – annotation (sometimes it is helpful to ask yourself the following questions in synthesizing the information:
• Who? (author)
• What was done? (for example, an experimental study investigating the interaction of short term memory and attention)
• How? (was it done)
• What were the findings? (identify the major ones)
• Contributions? (new findings, applications, etc.)

Research Paper
In Week Five, a research paper of eight- to ten-pages is due. The topic will be on some aspect of this course and should be cleared in advance with your instructor.
There is a wide range of possible topics: some aspect of the Constitutional Convention, a more extended treatment of an important court decision or a particular individual than other class assignments allow, the Court’s treatment of a particular issue over time, the origins and/or impact of one of the amendments, a failed attempt to amend the Constitution, constitutional aspects of controversial issues (past or present), to give but a few. If you need help choosing a topic, please consult your instructor.
A research paper is more than a report or compilation of information on a subject. Among other qualities, your research paper will have the following characteristics:
1. A clearly-stated thesis that indicates your view of the subject matter.
2. Adequate research from a number of different sources (no less than three published sources should be used).
3. Appropriate documentation. Sources should be cited according to APA standards.
Writing the Research Paper
The Research Paper:
• Must be eight- to 10- double-spaced pages (not including the cover page, reference page, etc.) in length and formatted according to APA style as outlined in your approved style guide.
• Must include a cover page that includes:
• Student’s name
• Course name and number
• Name of paper
• Instructor’s name
• Date submitted
• Must include an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement.
• Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought.
• Must conclude with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraph.
• Must use APA style as outlined in your approved style guide to document all sources.
• Must include, on the final page, a Reference List that is completed according to APA style as outlined in your approved style guide.


Aboriginal community commonly referred to as the First Nation claims to be the first people to occupy Canada. Due to this reason, they feel that the forest land they occupy belongs to them and have full right to use it. However, the Canadian governments as well as provincial land use feels that it is within their mandate to use the forest land as they may wish without considering the interests of the aliens. These two contrasting perceptions have lead to a conflict between the two parties. However, given that the Aboriginals are the minority and Europeans being the majority in power, there were initially not recognized in the sense that a lot of injustices against them were quite common. This was against their wishes as they believed that they were the first community to inhabit the land thus had full right to use it as well as its associated resources like forests. In their reactions, various court cases were witnessed attempting to stop those companies, which the government had allowed, to go ahead with their licensed activities. On the other hand, some Aboriginals were reined in courts by the government due to their attempts to use the forest against the conditions provided by the government