The Conservative Social and Political Forces in the 1920s


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As outlined by Genovese (1994, 125), a conservative holds the moral values and principles of personal responsibility. Genovese (1994, 125) adds that, the principles of conservative is to ensure limited government interference in human life and that morality and religion are crucial supports in political prosperity. Significantly, conservatives have been credited for standing above their personal interests in their urge to support economic and moral values for the benefit of the people. Religion was a major support and inspiration of the conservatives; whereby they accorded the bible maximum respect as the most logical book in human life. The USA in particular has had strong conservative movements over the years since and before independence. The issues of Navitism, anti-communism and prohibition were the major causes of action by the conservatives in the 1920s. This paper will; analysis and adequately discuss why the conservatives social and political forces were very strong in the 1920s and more significantly the issues of prohibition, navitism and anti-communism Genovese 1994, 125).