The Conservative Ascendancy, 1974 – 1991



  • Americans experienced what economist referred to as “stagflation” marked by rising unemployment, rising commodity prices, and low economic growth.

A Troubled economy

  • In 1973, there were rationing program in several states owing toe doubling of gases price from 40-70%.
  • Over reliance on Middle East Oil triggered the oil crisis with the condition worsening in 1973 when OPEC imposed embargo on Israel allies including US
  • President Nixon introduces the “energy czar” targeting energy consumption in transport and general consumption. The Department of Energy was created in 1977.
  • Economic crisis linked to failure by the US manufacturing sector with Asian manufacturers offering cheap imports.
  • African American gains more rights through Title VII of the Civil Right Act.

Sunbelt/snowbelt communities

  • Due to increased federal funds, there was increased population in the Sunbelt in 1970s with population doubling to 118 million four decades
  • Dramatic change in the south reversed decades of migration among African America. Manufacturing and agribusiness flourished. California and Texas become rose in popularity behind New York


Read Chapter 30 and outlining for each sections referring the document attached. The outlining should be in point form.


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