The Change in Gender (Codes or Roles)


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I need to use 5 different sources in my essay, and if you cite one of the literature covered sources that are highlighted in yellow in oe of the attached files, please know that they doesn’t count as a source. so if you wanna cite “Hills Like White Elephants”, you have to cite 5 more sources.

I have attached an essay that i wrote about the same subject but it is short and it was focused on one story “Hills Like White Elephants”. so i need you to expand on it and add more ideas and sources and look at both sides (Femininity & masculinity).


It is obvious that the masculinity and femininity codes have changed greatly since the time of Hemingway. Men were supposed to act tough, masculine, responsible and being in control. Women were not able to make important decisions on relevant issues and were always relying on men on everything and being submissive to them. Nowadays, women’s voices can be heard, and women can stand up to their beliefs. One story by Hemingway titled “Hills Like White Elephants” demonstrates how gender roles were back then, and it shows how these roles have changed since his time.  Although gender equity is yet attained, gender codes have greatly changed, and modern woman has defied societal expectations in a greater way.