text analysis


This paper is a critical analysis of the text that i will attach, i will be presenting it orally so i need a clear introduction, a problematic, and every argument has to be illustrated by a quote. A clear conclusion. This has to be single spaced. I do not need a summary of the ideas i repeat a CRITICAL ANALYSIS that points out all of the author’s ideas and why. I need the writer to present its “quintessence”, its main arguments and the core of its conceptual reasoning.


The world exists in cycles. Cycles are replicated in all dominant areas of life. From climatic weather patters to the business seasons, the world is all in cycles.  The root of this article is in the cycles that have characterized the rise of world empires, most importantly the American empire. The purpose of writing this article was not to give a historical account of these cycles but to show how the traditional world order that could have given rise to uniform civilization and industrialization was hampered by the rise of empires. The gist of this article is on the growth of the American empire. Indeed, the author tries to create a different picture of the American empire that may not have been seen by most people. Most historical who have accounted for  the rise of the American empire have capped their analysis to civil wars, colonization, world wars, capitalism and others. They have not looked the empires in their entirety. In these historical accounts, the rise of the American empire has been conceptualized in terms of working political systems, research and development, democracy and others. This is the main problem that the author is addressing in this paper. By placing the American empire into its world historical setting, the author shows that the empire was built on sweat, blood, exploitation, and sacrifice of the so called third world.