Testimonial Letter


I need to write a testimonial letter for an individual attesting that they are worthy of being part of an esteemed academic honors society.

Additionally I need to fill out the application and say why they deserve to be in this society.

2 pages for the letter 1 page filling out the application. Thanks


It is my great pleasure to write this testimonial letter for Raymond Kelly, who has been a student in our school for the last two years. Raymond is undoubtedly the most outstanding student I have encountered in the last two years of my career. He is academically brilliant, having scored distinctions in all course units that he undertook in this school. Raymond takes his studies seriously, completing his assignments well ahead of time and actively participating in group discussions with his peers. His presence in the group was invaluable, and his ability to get along well with the peers was commendable. Raymond was the group team leader and took upon himself the obligation of assisting other students with class work and research, helping in the consolidation of enormous information and ideas. He also helped many students to pass their exams by assisting them in revisions through past papers and one-on-one coaching.