Test your leadership style


Although all supervisors & leaders share some important qualities,they also approach their jobs in different ways,depending on their styles & preferences. This assignments asks you to assess your leadership style & then determine how you would apply those strenghts.
Resources: uploaded in the files ch. 15 pp. 257-272.
Follow these steps to complete this 500-850 word assignment

Complete the leadership questionnaire an pp. 270-272 in Ch. 15.

Select one of the Supervisory responsibility categories that are uploaded in the files, state the results of the questionnaire to explain what kind of leader you are.Then, explain how you would apply your strenghts as a leader,supervisor, or leader/supervisor mix to situations that might arise regarding the supervisory responsibility you selected.

The paper must be formatted in APA format.Wikipedis not useable resource.Due tomorrow Sunday 16 08


From the test I score a 50-50 which means I fall in the category of manager/supervisor. in this case I  find I can play the role of manager and at the same time the role of a supervisor. This means that I can play both roles as a leader and as a manager.

I select the role of improving the performance of the employees as the major supervisory responsibility. In playing this role I would use my strength as a leader to integrate the different factors that would enhance improved performance of the employees. To enhance this role as a supervisor and as a leader, I would ensure that I communicate to the employees what is expected of them and how they are supposed to carry out their duties to achieve what is expected of them.