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John Winthrop can be considered to have been a colonist with human face. He   appeared to have been quite religious compared to other colonist of his time and he believed that colonist mission in the world was sanctioned by God and had a particular mission.  Through his famous sermon given on board the flagship that was going to establish a masterly colony in Massachusetts, he questioned the morality of colonization and believed that it was God given mission. To Winthrop, there was morality question of the relationship between the rich and the poor, which he believed had to be addressed. Winthrop believed that God had particular reason while creating the rich and the poor, because he wanted them to be close knit together and form a perfect society where everyone lives in designed spaced. Although his sermon can be considered to have been meant to justify the existence of rich and poor, which by any standard amounts to inequality, it is a sermon that carried with it a lot of weight on Winthrop’s moral through of the role of church in colonialism.