Teen Speeding


Research Paper Assignment

ESL 160: Research Paper Assignment





Choose a topic related to any of the topics we’ve discussed in class this semester. After deciding the focus of your topic, look up information on it. You must use at least 4 resources for your information. Try to find different views on the issue to help you analyze it in depth. Your analysis of the topic should include a clearly stated thesis. The paper must be at least 6 pages in length (12 font), including the source page.


This assignment will be equivalent to 2 essay grades. No academic dishonesty will be tolerated. If any part of your research paper is plagiarized, it will not receive a passing grade.


You must turn in both the hard copy and an electronic copy of the paper. The due date is Nov 30, 2011.




You must use at least 4 sources of information. This may include the article in our text where you got your topic idea. Your sources may include books, newspaper articles, magazines, or internet sources. If you use internet sources, they must come from valid journalistic, academic or scientific web sites, not from personal blogs or commercial sites. Use resources that support your opinion. Don’t copy the opinion of the author of the resource article. You must provide accurate documentation for all your sources throughout your paper, with a correctly formatted "Works Cited" page at the end.

Due Dates:


Topic and thesis: Oct 18 (by e-mail) – 10 points (must be approved by Oct 26)

Introduction and Outline: Nov 16 (hard copy only) – 50 points

Final paper: Nov 30 (hard copy and by e-mail) no late papers will be accepted – 150 points



Here is my OUTLINE, But it needs THESIS.

B.Teenagers are shoppers who like to have the latest fashions and technology and since peer acceptance is important to teens, they make a lot of spending decisions. Getting to know the spending habits of teens shows the great power they have as consumers.


II.Teen Spending Habits
A.Teenagers are some of the biggest spenders

1.They have money from parents.
2.Teens are spending more than ever.
B.Money to spend
1.Many teens have credit cards and cash.
2.They buy online with credit cards.


III.Things to know About teen shoppers
A.Things spend their money
1.Teens want actual items

2.Clothing,entertainment,food and drink and jewelry.
1.Obtain the latest items
2.Look appealing to their peers

IV. Taught to manage their money
A.Problems with impulse buying
1.The limit of one’s budget
2.Unhealthy consequences
B.Strategies for teaching teens skills and money management.
1.Start Saving Early
2.Balance a checkbook

V. Consumerism at a young age.
A.Limitation of shopping
1.They can enjoy this hobby.


Teens have been found to be the most consistent spenders despite the hard economic times. As it has been observe, teen spending constitutes of substantial proportion in the overall consumption level in the economy. Surveys have indicated that, during the 2008 economic recession, about 75% of teens were spending the same amount of money they were spending over the last five years (Miles 83). This trend of undisturbed spending rate in teenagers can be attributed to the wide revenues of income they get from relatives and friend. Moreover, teenage girls were found to be less affected by any economic condition in their spending trends than boys of the same age. Since teens are always modest, most of their spending is made on new arrivals and top fashions in the markets. As a result, teens have largely been considered as vital players in economic development through trade and business.