Systems and Provider Bias


Analysis Paper

The question to be address:
If requested by a patient, should a physician provide his personal opinion about the use of dietary supplements?

Background: just for information:
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Instructions/ Criteria:
1. Analysis paper should be a 1-2 page paper, double spaced
2.Analyze/discuss the topic to either answer your question or support your theme.
3. Do research: include one of the following (or both)
a. Identify 1-2 recent studies
b. Identify a professional (peer reviewed) resource on the web and use the
resource to infer/apply to the topic.

4. Follow APA citation rules for any sources and provide references – note you do not need a title page for this assignment as it is not a research paper.
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5. Turn it results must be less than 5%

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In the article titled, Confidence In The Efficacy And Safety Of Dietary Supplements Among United States Active Duty Army Personnel, Lieberman and Carvey (2012) observe that dietary supplements are used by the U.S. army soldiers to enhance their muscle strength and energy. According to a study that was conducted by Monroe (2012), dietary supplements such as green tea, fibre, and calcium supplements are also used for weight-loss purposes. Although the use of dietary supplements is prevalent among the local population there is limited scientific evidence to show that dietary supplements are  effective and safe. This paper argues that when confronted with questions about dietary supplements, physicians are supposed to give their honest opinions.