synthesis essay about the changes that the two main characters go through


In multi paragraph format and with specific reference to the stories (direct quotes), Compare AND Contrast Mr. Nilson from Japanese Quince and Roger from Dressing up for the Carnival. 275 Words Double Spaced. Teacher Instructions… Intro Paragraph First sentence- mention titles, authors and something general but related to both stories Second sentence- Thesis– your points and how you feel about them. (Figure out your thesis first) Compare Paragraph Point Explain with quote inserted Transition to other character Point Explain with quote inserted Contrast Paragraph * Follow steps 1-5 (feel free to mix it up too). If the thesis is about how the two main characters change, that would be great.

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Carol Shields wrote Dressing Up For the Carnival to indicate how various characters go through illusions in their lives while they feel that they are lives are in a normal trajectory while they have different realities on the world. The Japanese Quince by John Galsworthy focuses on the emptiness that the characters feel due to disconnect which they have with other immaterial things in life that matter most for human beings. Rogers and Nilson from Dressing Up For The Carnival and The Japanese Quince respectively their lives change before their eyes but they seem obvious to those changes. These are the connections that are evident in both literal books where both characters are living in a utopia while they do not realize the changes which have occurred in their own lives.