Supervisory skills


Part2: Motivation.. 20 marks
A) provide detailed instances in your work environment that have
contributed to negative motivation amongst the employees.
B) provide detailed instances in your work environment that have
contributed to positive motivation among the employees.
In your capacity as a supervisor what would you do to improve the
situation described in (a) above.


The police force is synonymous with love levels of motivation and a high attrition rate. The demotivating factors are both internal and external.  One of the major causes of negative motivation is the long working hours and rigid working schedules(Soo Jung Jang, 2010).  For most police officers, working for a 24-hours shift is not an exception, especially when there is an emergency case. In addition, cutting one’s work leave to attend to emergency situations is also not an option.  This demotivates most workers because they cannot plan their time appropriate for other personal achievements like education. Second, poor payment is also a major demotivating factor, considering the risky nature of the job. Policeofficers always put his life and that of his/her family on the line, especially if the police officer is the sole bread winner.